The Mets are getting All Star Carlos Beltran back, now they have four outfielders. Should they consider trading one away to get pitching help?

We know that Carlos Beltran and Jason Bay are not going to get traded because of their contracts and their low value right now. So that leaves two trade options: Jeff Francoeur and Angel Pagan.

Should the Mets be open to trade one of these guys if they can get a good pitcher like Roy Oswalt?

This year Angel Pagan has been great for the Mets. Some people would even consider him the Mets MVP so far this season (Not me, I’m going with David Wright). Especially with Jose Reyes’ injury risk, the Mets can use the extra speed in the top of the order.

If the Mets want to trade an outfielder they should trade Francoeur. But should they trade Francoeur? I think it is a bad idea, and this is why:

It has been a slow year for Jeff Francoeur. After a great first two weeks, Francoeur has really let the team down with the bad bat.

But Francoeur’s great defense can help the Mets late in games. His great arm has really helped the Mets through a lot of tough innings.

Also, I think Francoeur’s leadership skills and football mentality are part of the reason the Mets have such great chemistry this year.

One more reason the Mets shouldn’t think of trading Jeff Francoeur is that his value is very low. The Mets can’t get much for him anyway. Any player they can get for Francoeur wouldn’t be a real answer to the Mets rotation.


Should the Mets get a starter and a reliever?

by Mike Kent on July 5, 2010

The Mets are in position to compete for a playoff spot, the team is 46-36 only two games behind the Braves for the NL East lead. They lead the Wild Card race with a half game lead over the Dodgers.

The Mets are a good team, but it is no secret they have holes in their team. The Mets have had bullpen problems and it looks like it is starting to hurt them. So it seams like the Mets should go after a reliever to help K-Rod in the bullpen.

On the other side of the Mets pitching staff the Mets need a starter. They have three good starters in Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey and Jon Niese, then you have R.A Dickey who has been amazing and Hisanori Takahashi who’s been good at times but has mostly been shaky.

If the Mets get a starter, they can send Hisanori Takahashi to the bullpen and help K-Rod. That could solve both the rotation and the bullpen problems, but is Takahashi the answer in the bullpen? I think he is.

The Mets don’t need to go after an arm for the pen, they will get the bullpen answer once they get a starter. The Mets should not waste prospects for another reliever. One good starter should fix everything.

If the Mets get a good starter like Cliff Lee or Roy Oswalt the bullpen should be ready for the run to the postseason and hopefully the playoff run.

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