Oh Murph!

by Gil Reich on July 9, 2009

As a Murph Obsessed and sarcastic Met fan I can’t believe I never saw ohmurph.com until today. The site dubs itself “The Onion of the Mets.”

Today he capitalizes on Murph’s classic behind the back play at first with a story of Murph filing for a patent:

Patent #016401-28, titled “The Murphy Reach Around,” prohibits other first basemen – from the Major Leagues down through Little League – from preforming a similar move.

Keith Hernandez is quoted as saying:

“Much like the Iron Lotus or the Triple Lindy, I always assumed the Reach Around was nothing more than a folk tale, made up by Jimmie Foxx during an all night bender in the 40’s.  Now, the name Daniel Murphy will become synonymous with the Reach Around.”

Go Murph!

The previous post on Oh Murph, Mark DeRosa, True Met is just as funny. I hadn’t realized DeRosa went hitless and then got hurt right after being acquired by the Cards. Wonder how we escaped our destiny on that one.

Nicely done, guys, keep it up.

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